This is Not Art

S0472420This Is Not Art is a national festival of new media and arts. TiNA has grown to become one of Australia’s leading contemporary and emerging arts festivals, creating spaces for artistic collaboration and discovery.

The program includes the National Young Writers’ Festival, Critical Animals (our leading thinkers), and the Crack Theatre Festival.

AMA’s Michael McCallum worked on the social media aspects of the festival. The Facebook page saw a rise of likes to 1,300 in this period and a total of 6,170 likes. This means that the page had a 26% rise in Facebook likes, representing a steady level of growth.

Michael’s work was directly with TiNA to handle the social media over the festival’s period. We saw a net rise of 253 fans in a two-week period, with a total rise of 1,200 fans in the year. The data revealed a total Facebook impression of 212,975 by 52,455 users.

Michael worked with local and national media, writing press releases, contacting editors and working with artists.