AMA will examine your market position and goals. We start with articulating your production goals in early meetings with the drivers of artistic events at your company.

Social Media

AMA’s social media approach is active and responsive. We offer a service to answer your social media enquiries quickly and constructively. We aim to lead the conversation.


AMA works with media partners to provide a full range of internet designs and web management. We recognises the absolutely central role of website ticketing and information.

Graphic Design

Our graphic designers are the best in the business. Creativity and integration to you brand identity are our key tools for audience grabbing iconography.


Written information is vital in the arts. We gather the best writers to write the copy that can engage readers in your blogs, programs and advertistising.


In your business your brand is more than a name or image. We build all our strategy from the heart of your brand to engage intellectual and emotionally with your audience.