Australian Ballet Facebook Cover

The Australia Ballet Facebook cover draws us in.

The Australia Ballet Facebook cover draws us in.

As far a social media art marketing pages is concerned the Australia Ballet would have to be one of the most effective in Australia.

The subject matter may have a lot to do with that, people love dancers, but the effectiveness of its social media goes beyond the allure of the dancers .

The Facebook cover is part of this social media appeal. Let’s take the key statement as our starting point: “Caring for tradition, daring to be different”. Trying to link the notion of ballet, a form of strict disciplines with a new society. It is the alliteration of the  d sound, in ‘daring’ & ‘different’, that appeals to younger aspiring generation.

The main dancer image is clear and understated, the curved flow line of light and dark brings us slowly to the image of the female dancer, somewhat holding back, with her hands held close to her, the image suggests a very subtle sexuality, never overstated. She is looking back, like a flamenco dancer, inviting us to come closer, but holding back. The black and white adds rendering  adds to the romance of past and present.

The image has no clumsy words over the top, no annoying “call to action”, just the profile shot naming the company.

The title in the profile box “The Australia Ballet”, also in black and white, it like the firm step of the dancer, telling us where we are.

The page gives links to images of the company through the photo page and Instagram feed. Ticket information is available with a clear link too.

It is easy to see why the Australian Ballet page has risen in Facebook likes by around 12 000 in the last year.