21 June, 2013 Michael McCallum

Case Study: Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment

Arts Marketing Australia is a company dedicated investigating the best examples of marketing artistic organisations from across the world. This case study a company can grow from an elite audience to a new and broader audience.

When it comes to effective artistic marketing 555466_415502971829874_1791824601_nthe ideas always come best from what place? The Artistic heart and meaning of the company. The Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment works perfectly as a company at tune with its audience. It also recognised that it must grow, educate and entertain its potential audience to grow.

Too many arts groups have a grown up with idea of having a restricted audience of elite art follows and seeked to satisfy this group, by appealing to its desires. On the other hand they sometimes try to appeal to a different audience, but can offend their traditional base.

The OAE defies this state to create a company that satisfies all trends. It is a company that plays classical music on period instruments. Working on this basis, one might think that OAE is a bit a museum piece, but the company has grown its audience without alienating its existing somewhat specialized base.

OAE has done this by setting up a multi prong marketing approach they builds on the innovative nature of a relatively new classical company.

The first thing one notes when you visit the company’s website is the seamless and easy viewing website. Not cluttered like to many arts websites, but low key with informative links. The page invites you in without jumping down your throat with calendars; links, slide galleries and an urge too donate.

But its approach to its audience goes deeper, it has created a new audience, targeting the cultured 18 – 35 group the company took the orchestra venues such as bars and night clubs. It took an integrated approach using live musicians (non-classical) to introduce the show and DJ afterwards. This program was built up thorough a program of blogging, twitter, Facebook, and student University involvement. The selection of venues that had an innovative and educated base was essential.

The company also ran subpages to its Night Shift program on its website, so the site exists within its own parameters within the OAE website. Importantly the Nightshift program was not seen necessarily as a driver to its regular program, rather it has its own identity, while still playing the interesting works in its program

They also produce vox pops, podcast and concert merchandise.

OAE has also created another program called The Works, “giving you the low-down on selected classical masterpiece in a friendly, relaxed and informative style”. The concerts are in an informal style with an opportunity to talk to the musicians about the instruments and the music. This way the audience get educated into the new forms the OAE is dedicated to present to a wonderful world. Presented at 7 pm it give people time to see the show straight after work and still be home to tuck in the kids.

classical-music-quote1These kids are reached by Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment through its educational program, the program reaches out to students at school level, in their own school and at theatres.

There is nothing unique in this companies approach, but what is clear is the appeal the company makes to market segments. Segmentation is a key idea in communicating its art. OAE does this without comprising its commitment to classical music played on period instruments, presenting this pure artistic product in the right manner and the audience will grows to love the company.

Further details can be found The Night Shift can be found at the Cultural Hive.

How can your audience be increased?

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