15 April, 2014 Michael McCallum

Every Facebook Post Counts

STC snip

Effective social media marketing

So many times I read a post for a Arts website and I think what is the purpose behind this post.
Where is the relevance to what you are selling.
I ask myself three questions in all posts:
1. How does this expand the companies like-ability?
2. Is this interesting, engaging or informative?
3. What is the direct / indirect call to action?

Looking at this effective post by the Sydney Theatre Company you can see the photo grabs your attention by its use of puppets.

The call to action is clear: inviting you to the workshop and asking you to tag the social image.

It invites you to be part of the creative process in the most friendly of tones.

This lovely tone is followed through in the comment posts by both audience members and a STC social media staffer.

Every facebook post is a valuable part of your companies advertising budget. Effective posting gets your artists publicity and drives the audience to be part of your show.

Check out the Sydney Theatre Company post hereĀ http://goo.gl/uXSzId

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