24 April, 2014 Michael McCallum

The hero in arts social image posting

The Hero says Goodbye

The Hero says Goodbye

For the second time this week effective arts social media marketing has drawn me to the Australian Ballet Facebook page.

This time its about the use of the image. I have focused on the posting of an image relating to Lucinda Dunn’s retirement from the Australian Ballet after 23 years with the company.

There are three important points to consider when posting an image.

1. Choose an easy to recognise structure: In this image with have ballet dancer wishing farewell. This is a icon of the sad, amazing farewell, with a smile on her face and tear in her eye, also with glow of the athlete.

2. Develop a strong hero: Here Lucinda is a legend with the company, a perfect focus with her 23 of dance service. The artists farewell is the climax of a long journey.

3. Add details to make your story real: This farewell image has been built up my social postings all week of “Luci” in rehearsal, being farewelled by her colleagues. In this week long posts the Aus Ballet has also promoted hashtages for other social media platforms. This image is the climax of a social media narrative.

The image promotes affection for the dancer and the company, as dancers know that to sustain a 23 year career with one company is amazing.

With over 1600 likes, 73 shares and over 40 comments in 12 hours this is a wonderful post that celebrates dance, the individual and the affection the audience has for her.


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