9 July, 2015 Michael McCallum

Rick Antonson: Cathedral Thinking

Rick Antonson

Marketing Summit Rick Antonson

Notes from the Arts Marketing Summit 2015. Audiences: Marketing Summit: Yours, Mine and Our. The Summit which was held in Cairns, Australia on June 1 & 2

These notes were made by Michael McCallum during the event.

Rick Antonson was the first keynote speaker.

This talk basically focused around long term vision, planning and action.

Rick made the point big things don’t happen overnight, and it might take along time to complete the vision. It may take generations, like some of the world great cathedrals.

His formula is

  1. Give the though a name then articulate your vision. It needs to be accepted by others to grow.
  2. Position your idea: Look for partners not competitors
  3. Commuicate your idea. You need to be prepared. Get hard data and use that data to drive your strategy. You need to share the data, if you hold onto your data too close your ideas will not build a broad level of support.
  4. Implement the idea,working to build and share your vision with others

Check out the full video here