Snapchat widens your arts audience marketing reach

Is your arts company using Snapchat? If not, why not?
Snapchat is a mobile app that allows you to send self-destructing photos and videos to your friends. That’s right, they actually self-delete after 10 seconds at the most.
A recent survey of the US college student demonstrated that 70% of college students posted on snapchat once a day. This dwarfed the Facebook with figures of 11% per day.
Australian students, and young people, would have similar usage figures.
One reason Snapchat is so popular is that these groups see it as the most private form of posting.
What to post? You must consider your target audience. It is the younger crowd wanting to see something sneaky and fun. So think about what producions/events suit this marketing strategy.
This may mean surprising backstage pics, unusual stuff. You can have fun with these images, but always working within your brand profile.
Consider sneak peeks, exclusives, maybe a keyword to get a discount for your production preview.
Cheeky images of the actors can work well, and what about some shots in rehearsal of awkward romantic / sexy moments in your upcoming play or exhibition. Have fun and be playful.
The Girls TV series used Snapchat very effectively a lead up to the Emmys. Check out the samples below.
Remember, smart people can copy Snapchat image through a screen capture, so it still can go viral, so have that in mind when you post.

There is a good link Snapchat marketing here. I have included a few key slides for arts companies below.